Radviz Plot

App Description

This app allows easy navigation of the cell cycle RIT-seq dataset (also see Marques et al., 2022 and Additional file 1 therein). The Radviz visualization on the left pulls the genes (data-points) closer to the 'time-point' where they show maximum accumulation. The read-coverage plots appear as tooltips after hovering over data-points in the Radviz plot or over the gene table. These coverage plots can be used to assess the number of different RNAi target fragments (that support a given phenotype) for each gene (also considering the untranslated regions), by counting the number of paired stacks of barcoded reads flanking each fragment. For example, the 300 bp 10.10030 CDS appears to be targeted by a single fragment, while the average-length 1.6 kbp 9.12810 CDS appears to be targeted by seven or more fragments. All genes have been assigned to a class where they register an elevated read-count.

Data Table